Comparative Human and Primate Physiology Center

I co-direct UNM’s CHmPP Center with Dr. Melissa Emery Thompson. The laboratory conducts assays on blood, urine and saliva samples for biomarkers of stress, reproductive function and health in humans and a variety of non-human primates. We maintain collaborations with several researchers at UNM, and also perform regular contract work for outside researchers. We have the capability to run both enzyme and radioimmunoassays for a wide range of biomarkers. Our recent work includes assays for testosterone, cortisol, C-peptide, DHEAS, oxytocin, neopterin, and 8-OH-dG and MDA (markers of oxidative stress). A multiplex assay system allows us to perform many additional analyses. We collaborate with Dr. Sherry Nelson to conduct stable isotope analyses in UNM’s Center for Stable Isotopes. Please contact Melissa Emery Thompson for information on CHmPP Center rates and assay protocols.